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Project: Story for the promotonial blog
ID: 1271058385

Status: Open
Budget: N/A
Created: 4/12/2010at 7:46 (CST)
Bidding Ends: 4/27/2010at 7:46 (CST) (expired)
Project Creator: laura
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Description: we are looking for the copywriter who could write the story for the promotonial blog (the lenght is one or one and the half A4). This blog must be written considering to the story below. Story should have a "personal feel", the style/words used should not sound as an advertisement but like a real blog post of a guy who found a solution that changed his life and now he's sharing about it with everyone with the idea that others could do the same.
Here is the short summary of the long story:
The guy, age 20-25, living i NY, who used to be a loser all his life is sharing his experience with other guys who are lack of women attention. The point of the story that this guy from loser who never had a girlfriend, become the really attractive guy who‘s dating girls even out of his league. The reasons of huge changes are kind of supplements who changed his body from chubby to ripped within only one month, and audio e-book who helped to learn the technique of approaching women. The first product advertised is a supplement that comes in pills. It has a free trial option, meaning that the buyer just has to pay only $2 dollars for shipping for a 14 day Free Trial. The second product - Free Audio CDs are only a free trial that cost a few dollars for shipping. Both products are aimed at US market. Will be advertised online for 18-34 year old male audience.
The story must have clear segments, as below:
Prestory: the problem of being loser and having no girlfriend
The reason for changes: some kind of inspiration to change his life. (up to you – attractive girl at his work he wants to date with or something else)
The time of changes: learning about supplements and e-book and visible results after using it. (The way how this guy learned about these tricks is up to you as well: he could hear about it on the tv, read on the mans magazine, get the trick from his ripped neighbour or something like that.)
Life after: being attractive, self-confidence ant dating all the girls he wants.
The story must convey the emotions this guy could feel being Mr. Loser and lack of women attention and self-confidence after the changes of his life. Sharing the experience with other guys is one of the requirement as well.
Despite our suggestions for the story, we want to hear your ideas on the structure and story itself. The only thing that's important: it still should be a blog of a 20-something guy who didn't have a girlfriend in his life but after using both products he can get any women he wants.
So we would like to know the price and the terms of your work with this blog story. If you've done any similar work(blog stories), please include samples for our review. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
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javivalca $ 50 2 day(s) 4/12/2010at 13:45 (CST)
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I'm very interested in this project. Not only do I live up to all the necessary qualifications but the brief sounds really interesting. The story that you want is one that will come very naturally to me. You see, this is basically my story. I too had troubles with women when I was younger given that I was obese, non-athletic and lacked confidence and know-how when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. Today, I'm in great shape and have no problems with confidence or the opposite sex. Contact me if you want this blog to feel genuine and true because this story is my story.

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