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Project: Sales Letter that is killer Urgent!
ID: 1281082163

Status: Open Urgent!
Budget: N/A
Created: 8/6/2010at 8:09 (CST)
Bidding Ends: 8/7/2010at 8:09 (CST) (expired)
Project Creator: go2anna
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Description: here the content that should be rewritten into sales letter Complete Platform for Your eCommerce Website CS-Cart is a comprehensive ecommerce software solution with easy-to-use interface that allows you to start selling online immediately. Its feature set fits into businesses of any size, from a small single-product shop to a full-featured on-line store. Designed for ease of use along with flexibility, CS-Cart is equipped with the latest ecommerce innovations (like one-page checkout, AJAX-based web interface, block manager and others) built into a highly configurable and modifiable sales and promotion engine. Key features and advantages of CS-Cart Incredible feature richness Being an affordable solution, CS-Cart covers more than you can imagine right out of the box. Moreover, it grows incredibly fast. See the roadmap to find out what comes next! Try the software and feel its true capabilities without a single restriction with a two-month trial. Easy to learn, easy to manage You are never left alone while using the product. Along to comprehensive documentation, but also provide the opportunity to talk to other users and get advice and assistance via Community Forums. Besides, our qualified services are at your disposal so you can concentrate solely on sales and customer relations. Boost your sales Powerful sales and promotion tools allow you to attract maximum attention of various customer groups. You can offer everything that is necessary for clients to come back once again! Online stores based on CS-Cart are perfectly fit for proper search engine indexing and you are provided with all tools necessary to configure your items for proper queries. Powerful platform for online stores Getting CS-Cart licenses at bulk is uniquely affordable! As a platform for custom solutions, CS-Cart offers impressive flexibility with its 100% open source code, modular architecture and development API along with modern design technologies and dynamic store interface. And easy upgrade process will make it simple to keep the platform up-to-date. Numerous payment and shipping methods CS-Cart provides built-in support for a majority of popular payment systems and shipping providers such as Google Checkout, PayPal, Authorize.Net, FedEx, USPS and many others. It can be connected to any of these systems without any difficulty.

check following website w w w .c s - c a r t . c o m/ for more information
Job Type: Sales

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dancalabrese $ 300 1 day(s) 8/6/2010at 9:09 (CST)
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Go to dubya dubya dubya dot calabresepro dot com to see my credentials. I view this as a quick turnaround rush since you've labeled it urgent.
wiltoncreative $ 425 1 day(s) 8/6/2010at 13:01 (CST)
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We have a proven history of copywriting to ensure your and you future customer will benefet from the content of this sales letter. Our copywriting team will work closley with you to create the perfect piece, and an impressive ROI. Please reference our website. - wiltoncreative dot com Looking forward to working with you. J Wilton.
loumed $ 1500 10 day(s) 10/9/2014at 22:31 (CST)
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I've crafted potent, compelling copy for sales letters, that has driven clicks, conversions, and sales through the roof - and made more money for my clients both online and offline ... I'd like to do that for you too! MY UNIQUE 4-PART COPYWRITING PROCESS From start to finish, I follow the C.O.D.E.: C: Collect information about your business. O: Organize your information D: Draft your copy E: Edit and revise your first draft By following this method, I can get your assignment done in the shortest time possible. I'd like to speak more about your project with you. I look forward to speaking and working with you soon.
jharleyhughes $ 3000 3 day(s) 7/25/2011at 5:14 (CST)
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I want to make clear that you are looking for a sales letter that is "killer" so I am not going to short myself for what will no doubt be a grueling schedule to turn this job around for you. I would need one day of planning, including the discussion on direct benefits, perceived benefits, your target customer, and the research on your competition. I would need one day to write the initial copy, and tweak and polish, and the last day would be a reviewed rewrite to make sure YOU are happy with the copy. While actual conversion rates can't be determined ahead of time, I see no reason why your product couldn't convert at 15% with a proper sales letter.

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