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ID: 1296930787

Status: Open
Budget: N/A
Created: 2/5/2011at 18:33 (CST)
Bidding Ends: 2/13/2011at 18:33 (CST) (expired)
Project Creator: crystalhart
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Description: I have created a new game for couples with an website twist. I have the name, logo, box cover design and colors. I need a creative writer to help with the bottom and sides of the box to grab the couples attention, make them want to know what's inside, and buy the game. Further details and pictures will be provided to the winning bidder. After the box is completed, I will be launching the website and will either work with the winning bidder or enter another project for bid for the creative writing on specific web pages. This should be a fun project to work on!

Additional Info (Added 2/6/2011at 16:33 (CST))...

The is a small project. The bottom of the box is 9"x9" & I will provide a page of ideas with trigger words & ideas that just need rewording in order to grab the buyers attn. Total work will include 1 or 2 phrases for the box sides, the wording for the object of the game and 2-3 short paragraphs to "sell the overall idea". Hope this helps provide a clearer picture of what's needed.

Job Type:
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Web site
  • Creative

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bigredrassler $ 30 1 day(s) 4/7/2013at 18:04 (CST)
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This project, as outlined in the initial post and the comment section, should take no more than two hours. I can complete this project for $30 in one day. Creative, attention grabbing copy is my specialty as my experience in media advertising taught me the formulaic methods to get and direct interest in the first few words.
cbwrite $ 300 2 day(s) 11/30/2016at 21:08 (CST)
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This is the type of work I love - engaging an audience. Veteran copywriter with extensive experience in every aspect of writing (online, social, tradition, in-store display, package design, etc.) I'm flexible in my writing style and easy to work with. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Many thanks. Clive
dancalabrese $ 300 5 day(s) 2/6/2011at 17:58 (CST)
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Crystal, I have adjusted my bid per your further details. This absolutely sounds like a project I would rock, though. Dan Six One Six Eight One Three Six Three Two Two
jharleyhughes $ 500 2 day(s) 7/25/2011at 5:18 (CST)
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You seem to be looking for taglines, blurbs, and attention grabbers. This should be a simple task depending on the nature of the game. My turn around is quick so that if there is anything that needs to be changed(as often happens during a launch) I can be utilized without much delay.

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