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Project: Advertising Copywriter (Email)
ID: 1353020590

Status: Open
Budget: N/A
Created: 11/15/2012at 23:03 (CST)
Bidding Ends: 11/22/2012at 23:03 (CST) (expired)
Project Creator: zscorp
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Description: We are looking for a creative person who can think outside of the box. We are launching a new line of products and need an experienced copywriter for a series of blast emails. Experience with writing advertisements for the US market a MUST. Will work cooperatively with our graphic designer.

Must be able to create persuasive, catchy and humorous copy.

Must provide portfolio samples in order to be considered.
Job Type:
  • Marketing
  • Creative

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writer4you $ 175 5 day(s) 11/17/2012at 0:28 (CST)
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Yippee! New products? (Game-show cheering here x) To celebrate this exciting change of plans, perhaps it is best if the line forms to the left while I hand out those sparkly Mylar-clad samples -- until the helicopter arrives overhead to distribute those ticker-tape fluffs and cash-off coupons. Box? You mean that everybody else got a box to think in? To be fair, I did get a big red box handed to me once and was confused. I tried standing on top of the box for awhile, then hopped back down when a crowd started to gather. Next, I decided to sell the box with a sign: One Pretty Red Free Box for Sale Cheap! However, that plan failed. So, I chopped the box up into cards, ink-stamped my business address to their backs and shipped the lot to all of my clients. Oops! Was that my thinking box? What a concept! ~ My real copy samples are created specifically for your product. I can be contacted to discuss prices, schedules or details at: aaaalittlelady (at Yah oo dot com). Catherine
jameswelborn $ 200 5 day(s) 11/15/2012at 23:39 (CST)
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Hello. I can do this for $200 per email. I've won just about every award in advertising for copy, and have worked with more than twenty Fortune 500 brands. You can see my current work at indeliblebranding (dotcom). Thanks much, James

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