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Project: Development of 3 commercials
ID: 1282741220

Status: Open
Budget: $ 1000-10000
Created: 8/25/2010at 8:00 (CST)
Bidding Ends: 9/4/2010at 8:00 (CST) (expired)
Project Creator: jgebert
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Description: I work for a speciality finance company. We are looking for some talented copywriters that can help us develop break out creatives / concepts for 3 commercials we would like to test starting mid october.

Our industry is VERY competitive. We purchase sturcutrued settlements (annuities that are paid out in monthly installments or lumpsums)

I am looking for some new types of DR copywriting that can speak to this audience

All commercials will be :60

Any questions feel free to call me at 240-479-0184
Job Type:
  • Marketing
  • Creative

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bigtex34 $ 2100 14 day(s) 8/25/2010at 9:01 (CST)
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Hi. I am a fulltime professional freelance copywriter that specializes in response driven copy. Simply put, I create copy that converts readers into clients. My many projects include sales letters, email ads, webpages, and various other forms of sales copy. I've done many scripts from 10 sec audio bites on a website, to 10 min web video scripts, to 15/30/60 radio and TV ads for WorldBizOp. I can provide samples of past DR copywriting and scripts. Here are a couple of websites that continue to use my copy: asyana:com - I wrote this pg and a PR planfabulouswedding:com - I did this pg, a squeeze pg, and 2 email series aloe-yourmiracledoctor:com - I rewrote the landing pg, an email series, and audio script worldbizop:com - I wrote dozens of pieces for the local and national pre-launch including audio scripts, webpages, countertop displays, radio and TV scripts, among others. Thank you for consideration on your project and I look forward to hearing from you.
dancalabrese $ 5000 7 day(s) 8/25/2010at 8:41 (CST)
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The seven-day timetable would begin after we have a strategic discussion about goals and objectives - the usual stuff. I have some very good recent experience writing TV spots and I can give you references.
guttiwuts $ 10000 10 day(s) 8/25/2010at 14:09 (CST)
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We work systemically -- identify the essence of the message you want to convey and then ideate and create a structure and script for best showcasing the service you offer. We work in the entertainment and toy industries, so we know how to grab attention positively. We have financial firms as clients, too: banks and mortgage brokers. We embrace the nature of the industry yet model marketing messages to attract the nature of the customer base. The budget is flexible, negotiable.

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