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Project: Website content text makeover
ID: 1282806691

Status: Open
Budget: N/A
Created: 8/26/2010at 2:11 (CST)
Bidding Ends: 9/5/2010at 2:11 (CST) (expired)
Project Creator: vcreative
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Description: Hello

We are small team of creative designers and 3d animation producers. We need to redesign our website in term of textual content. We need unique text about what we do and about 3d animation/video production in general. As well as we need to describe each of our past projects with more content (blogfolio page).
We need unique and professional looking content so we position better on google search.
Job Type:
  • Marketing
  • Web site
  • Creative

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wiltoncreative $ 5 5 day(s) 8/26/2010at 8:24 (CST)
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We are a professional marketing company that ensures that your copy sends a bold statement, and highlights the features of your 3d animations. We would need more information to give a specific quote, but be assured that chosingn Wilton Creative will be a positive, and profitiable experence. www . wiltoncreative . com
writer4you $ 50 14 day(s) 8/27/2010at 14:18 (CST)
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Greetings from Wyoming, U.S.A. :) Smiles! Are you looking for me? I am a long-time professional writer w/ advanced SEO writing skills. Please come chat with me about your site on the project message board? (50.00 bid = 500 words)
dancalabrese $ 100 7 day(s) 8/26/2010at 4:15 (CST)
(1 review)
I write web copy for $100 per page (not $100 for the whole project), with all the considerations you would expect of SEO. I've turned around projects as large as 100 pages in 7 days given all the information I needed. Obviously I would need to know more to give you a specific estimate, but I work quickly and don't skimp on quality. 616 813 6322
wordcraft $ 210 5 day(s) 8/24/2012at 4:16 (CST)
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I've researched your market, and wrote up a site for a Cairo, Egypt-based animation firm a while back - it adds value to my writing. I have written everything from websites, corporate profiles and brochures, to ads, press releases, packaging, and even bits of marketing poetry, and my work has been translated into German, Greek, Swahili, Russian and Arabic. I use easy-to-read, descriptive language that is free from local idioms or exaggerated expressions. Everyone will understand your message. So if your audience is international or from different cultures and backgrounds - my writing is ideally suited. Clients around the world use my services - small and large companies from far and wide. No matter what business you're in, I can deliver good, easy to read English copy that's simple and to the point. And it will be fresh and exciting just what you need to get noticed.
guttiwuts $ 500 14 day(s) 8/26/2010at 10:46 (CST)
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We have been vendor of record for major toy and animation companies, as well as providing a full range of creative services to the animation industry, from copy to scriptwriting. You can find out about us on imdb: John Schulte or visiting PangeaCorp on the web. No doubt we have symmetry and can attain spot-on creative for your site.

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