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Project: Mattoni Website
ID: 1300126221

Status: Open
Budget: N/A
Created: 3/14/2011at 13:10 (CST)
Bidding Ends: 3/19/2011at 13:10 (CST) (expired)
Project Creator: rcaporal
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Description: Write copy for a real estate investment services company - for it's website
Job Type: Web site

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andra33 $ 25 1 day(s) 3/14/2011at 13:52 (CST)
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I am a freelance writer/ copywriter with a background in marketing and psychology. After working for three years for well established companies, I have developed excellent editing, researching and writing skills that are needed in most projects. I have undertaken literally hundreds of varied projects. I am accustomed to the intricacies that are involved in conducting good research. I am a professional and entirely reliable individual always concerned with producing the highest quality work within the deadline that has been agreed. My attention to detail and constant strive to ensure that I maintain the highest possible reputation, will be your absolute guarantee of the best possible job. I will require $0.03 per word.
samuelmitaro $ 179 7 day(s) 6/21/2011at 19:52 (CST)
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Website copy is my specialty, and my goal is to nail down specific sales points and craft them into powerful copy that will drive sales. A company's web presence is crucial to its success, and I place that success as a paramount objective in all of my work. To read more about my services, please visit samuelmitaro . c o m
dancalabrese $ 500 7 day(s) 3/14/2011at 13:28 (CST)
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My bid is based on $100 per page. I guessed at five pages because we're not allowed to put any letters or words in our bids. The actual number will depend on the number of pages. The timeline assumes ready availability of the background material I will need to write the copy. I have written copy for plenty of web sites and I have availability over the next week or so. Six One Six Eight One Three Six Three Two Two Dan (At) Northstarwriters Dot Com

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