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Project: Long direct sales copy for web
ID: 1302129677

Status: Open
Budget: $ 300-450
Created: 4/6/2011at 22:41 (CST)
Bidding Ends: 5/6/2011at 22:41 (CST) (expired)
Project Creator: hornetpower
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Description: We would like to replace our index page copy with an effective long direct response sales copy to garner better sales.

We manufacture and sell an endurance sports drink that has a loyal following.

We would like to include the key points that would help convert readers to buyers like:
- benefits of the sports drink
- real science behind the sports drink
- clinical trials
- unusual name of the sports drink but with unbelievable results
- heaps of genuine customer testimonials
- we offer money back guarantee
- we offer free shipping

Here is an example of a sales copy that we would like:
Job Type:
  • Sales
  • Marketing

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joeyhurt $ 275 2 day(s) 5/8/2011at 19:23 (CST)
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bmb $ 300 7 day(s) 4/7/2011at 5:16 (CST)
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Hello, Please refer to my various articles in Ezine Articles as a DIAMOND author in 20 niches including "Health & fitness - Obesity, Skin care , Supplements and Autism". They are for your kind notice. Thanks and regards. BMBhattacharjee Thanks and regards
andra33 $ 300 2 day(s) 4/6/2011at 22:55 (CST)
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I can provide you with the highest quality work. I am a professional freelancer writer, editor and web marketing consultant.
wordmaster $ 350 10 day(s) 7/24/2012at 19:38 (CST)
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Contact me, I'll craft a sales magnet for your audience.
bigtex34 $ 400 7 day(s) 4/6/2011at 23:23 (CST)
(1 review)
Hi, I am a full-time copywriter specializing in response driven copy. I can provide you with samples of my past work as well as websites still utilizing my copy. In addition, I can also provide you with my user ID on other freelance sites for you to browse my feedback from past clients. Thank you for consideration on your project.
loumed $ 450 7 day(s) 10/9/2014at 22:25 (CST)
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My mission is to help business owners, just like you, get the results they deserve. I specialize in crafting potent, compelling copy for ads, landing pages, squeeze pages, e-mails, sales letters, and more. My writing has driven clicks, conversions, and made sales skyrocket for clients across the globe. I've studied little-known secrets that large ad agencies use to influence people to buy. These techniques are based on human psychology and work... no matter where you're located, no matter what kind of service or product you sell, and no matter where you advertise. Clients that I've written for have seen an increase in their revenue... I'd like to help increase your revenue too.
jharleyhughes $ 450 7 day(s) 7/25/2011at 5:25 (CST)
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I have an idea about how to develop the sales letter but it differs from an educational campaign since those often require long sales cycles with your target customers. I would actually like to speak directly with a few regular users of choline to sniff out the benefits that are more likely to sale as well. If this would be possible, accept my bid, if not, then I wish you luck with your product and if you decide to launch a fullscale marketing campaign, give me a ring.

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